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Month in Review – March 2019

Mockup of a goal popup made for my portfolio, made in Illustrator

Another month that seemed to go by incredibly quick – I didn’t realize how near April was until about a week before April 1st. For the most part, nothing outstandingly different happened this month – job hunting, playing Stardew Valley in my spare time, receiving scam emails about interviews or just emails about working as a life insurance agent despite having never shown interest in that field. We were originally to receive our new dining/gaming table this month, but unfortunately the shipping date was pushed back until August so the wait continues. The boyfriend had backed a Kickstarter for a new board game, which we received and quickly made our current favorite game, called A Call to Adventure. It has a fairly simple set up, and revolves around rolling rune tiles like dice to collect cards to build your ‘character’. It’s an incredibly well made game, another that I’d highly recommend, although I’m not sure if it’s available to outright buy whenever, as it was a Kickstarter goal.

Aside from that, one of my good friends was in a pretty severe car accident mid-way through the month. Thankfully she came out of it with non-life threatening injuries, but it was a scary experience, especially considering the car she was driving she’d only bought 9 days prior. We’ve safely assumed that she would have been much worse off had she not been driving the new car with better safety features, but regardless she’s recovering from a very badly broken wrist and a few breaks in the discs of her spine. It’ll be a slow recovery, but thankfully she’s alright!

Current favorite song

Handmade Heaven by Marina (and the Diamonds)

Found this song on a recommended playlist and liked it instantly! I like several of Marina’s older music, but hadn’t really listened to anything newer. Unsurprisingly, they’re equally incredible.

Lone Gone by Mary Epworth

Another song from the same rec list I think, and another instant favorite.

Books I read

Mistborn: The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

The final book of the first Mistborn trilogy – the answer to all of the questions (or most of them). This book seemed so much longer than the second, but I think we just didn’t have as much down time to listen to is as we had the second. Regardless, I really enjoyed it and loved finally having my millions of questions answered. I really appreciate when sequel of any kind can establish it’s direction and plot early on so I have some idea of where we’re going so that was a plus. Admittedly I knew some of the big reveals already, but several of them I didn’t know, mainly the ending. Without spoilers of course, I was not at all expecting those who died to die, or those who do big things to be the ones doing those things. I had a lot of feelings, I cried, and we also listened to the audio book from A Secret History short story telling some of the background goings on and then I cried more. Overall, an incredible series, incredible story telling, and I’m looking forward to more stories from Sanderson (my boyfriend is obsessed with everything he writes, so he’s my gateway).

Movies I watched

Captain Marvel

I am, and not for any reason in particular, not much of a movie person but obviously I had to watch Captain Marvel and it was incredible. Brie Larson is amazing, I loved the musical scores throughout the movie, the 90’s humor, and of course Goose the cat. Next up is Endgame, whether were ready for it or not.

TV I watched

Victoria (Season 3)

As incredible and beautiful as ever. I’ve loved Jenna Louise Coleman since her time on doctor who, and I love history so this is basically just a delight the entire time. I’m sad at the mention of eventually having to cast older actors for Victoria and Albert, but I’d definitely continue watching regardless. I’ve considered rewatching season 1 just because it’s been a while and I truly love this show that much.

Documentaries I watched

The 2000s, The Seventies, & The Eighties

Because I just like history. And well-produced documentaries. I would’ve also watched the sixties, except it isn’t on Netflix for whatever reason. For all of these, I most consistently enjoyed the episodes about politics, tech, national and world events (including crime, terrorism, disease, etc.) the most because they’re a pretty good summary of stuff I only know a little about. The episodes about TV and music were kinda boring to me, especially in the 2000s, because I remember it all pretty well.

Leaving Neverland

And because I just like to have a bad time. I grew up on true crime and documentaries, primarily due to my mom, and I like to think I have pretty thick skin when it comes to sensitive subjects. This isn’t the most upset I’ve been over a documentary (that award still goes to The Bridge), but this is definitely in the top 5. Regardless of subject matter or opinion of the credibility of what it presents, the (4 hour long btw) doc was incredibly well made, and hauntingly good at showing how one can be emotionally and mentally manipulated into an inappropriate relationship. It’s literally a look into hell, one that left my soul feeling invaded, but it was fascinating nevertheless.

The Disappearance of Madeline McCann

I do watch happy things sometimes, I promise. I heard a little about the release of this documentary and wasn’t initially interested in watching it because I can easily remember the details of the case. Like most likely everyone, I remember hearing about this case online and on the news, remember the Myspace pages dedicated to finding Madeline, and remembered the brutal press and relationship between the parents and the Portugal police. Despite that, I still decided to watch it. And, well, I was incredibly bored. They stretched out what could of been a 1:30 to 2 hour documentary into eight 50 minute episodes and there just wasn’t enough substance to justify it. Unfortunately, we just don’t know enough about the disappearance. The documentary covered the case, then the Portugal police, then the guy down the road accused of being involved, then the web dev who built that guy’s website, then the wild theories of the police, human trafficking, american agencies for exploited children, the reliability of scent dogs, pedophilia rings, press and media restriction laws, and a dozen other different topics because there wasn’t enough about the actual case to fill the time.

Current favorite food

Extremely easy Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti

In search of another meal for Sunday game nights, I found this insanely easy and delicious recipe. I’ve essentially made this exact same thing a ton of times before, except with red pasta sauce and meatballs, but this was a nice and tasty change. We just went with store bought alfredo sauce (classico’s roasted garlic I think is the one we usually go for) and bought a rotisserie chicken for the required chicken, and it was really easy and delicious!